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SEO Value Calculator

SEO Value Calculator

Simple 3 Step Process

See value of top 10 SERP

Use as a basis for SEO pricing

Great sales tool

How it Works

  1. Enter Your Data
    All the tool needs is the number of monthly searches, your revenue per sale, and your website’s conversion rate.
  2. Calculate The SEO Keyword Value
    Our free tool will then calculate the exact value for that keyword across different SERP positions.
  3. Pitch To Your Client
    Now you can show your client the exact value that keyword could bring them when you boost them up the SERPs!

How To Use Our Keyword Value Calculator

  1. Find out the monthly search volume of the keyword
    Using an accurate tool like Google Keyword Planner, you can find out an approximate search volume for given keywords. Ensure you select the country you are targeting within the settings.
  2. Determine the average value of an enquiry/sale
    This could be revenue or pure profit, or whatever figure you want to work with that aligns best with business goals.
  3. Determine the conversion rate of the website
    Websites that are already very active with SEO will have lots of data from search in their analytics, which will give you a clear conversion rate. For newer sites, you may have to be conservative and insert 1%, which is a typical online average.